During the summer holidays in 2018 before I have started third year as well as preparing my dissertation research both primarily and secondarily, I have been given a ‘british seaside’ theme that is going to work with a clients brief.

The aim of the summer project was collecting visual research as inspiration sources for an industry live brief  that was secured from an international client in readiness for the start of my third year practical modules. First of all, I visited to british seasides in Exmouth and St. Ives to gathering primary research including photographs, drawings, rubbing textures, colour palette development collaging and found objects.

I will show the key points of my primary research which had lead me to my design ideas which I will be discussing on another blog I will be posting, ‘ First semester of Third Year’ where I will be discussing into more detail how my drawings had developed into sample development and final collections of designs.

I originally took these photographs of the surf board, boats, beach huts, flip flops and a coffee cup, because I was so drawn to differentiated design principles quite juxtaposed together such as colour, textures and shapes.

When I take photographs for primary research with the DSLR camera, I normally use my own photography skills learnt at A Level, so this must have been giving me extra confidence in using the aperture and shutter speed professionally as well as experimenting with different angles.
Next, I have replicate my photographs into drawings trying to achieve equal proportions and its playful dimensions illustratively.

I have used a mixture of drawing mediums such as posca pen, oil pastels, promarkers, acrylic and watercolour paints which had allow me to express my conversational illustrations in fun and experimental styles. I could not wait to see how my drawings had evolved as my project had progressed to its final stage and designing my work.
Furthermore, I have decided to combine photographs and drawings together to make my collage ideas look realistic and graphic so I can illustrate my drawings to life in the seaside sceneries.

 I did these collage ideas all through photoshop which allows me to play with composition and scale in my visual designs.

Textural rubbings:

Finally I have looked at natural patterns on rocks using oil pastels, charcoal and burnt driftwood which allowed me to explore textural patterns in a mixture of positive and negative space.

I have enjoyed the observations of textures because it really open my eyes to how I approach my textural rubbings into new design ideas such as screen printing and repeat patterns.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I do.

Love Farrah x

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