About Me

She determines to create a range of interior products, including cushions, wall hangings and lampshades combines textile techniques with acrylic perspex and hand knitting. In addition, 3D elements and material manipulations are also experimental ways of working, bringing textile designs alive when developing interior design productions.

Playing with bright, vibrant colours with muted colours allows her to bring together accents while relieving textural patterns rising from flat surfaces.

Fruits, florals, landmarks and still life objects are visual inspirations to work from evolving photographic and drawing elements towards design and product development. Abstract patterns helps to bring textile designs to live from relief textures with embroidery and puff painting, evolving relationships with lines and organic marks.

Mark making and detailed drawings connecting with varied compositions and colour relationships, before layering screen printed fabrics remaining juxtaposition patterns.

Ethical matters are in consideration by reducing carbon footprints and source materials, including cotton fabric DMC threads in high quality. Trends are always her follow up as it is intentional to research social and political issues, colour and interiors population.

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