Last day of July, I had came home from Plymouth for 10 days to a squared box full of fabric patterns, zips, tags and a cone of thread, with full of vibrant colours. As soon as I opened the box, I was so excited to start my very first batch and was conscientious of stitching the lines. On the next day, it was my first day of sewing where I had managed to complete 2 pencil cases and 2 purses, getting use to stitching in straight lines and creating a product in a logical order, in regards to written and visual instructions. Therefore, I have made a total of seven pencil cases and 12 purses. The knowledge I gained for sewing their products were working with outer and inner fabric patterns and their components together in order for the products to look professional.

On the 8th August, I have completed the whole batch of products after I have spent the majority of sundays of sewing their products .

A week later, I scrolled through instagram in my spare time, ( dear I say) the paola purse was featured on grace and favour home instagram page and was so shocked and chuffed to see my sewing skills.

I personally felt that learning how to stitch products together working with zips and labels had helped me to get their small brand into recognition through selling online and craft fairs such as Contemporary Craft Fair and Native Makers.

In September 2018 as soon as settled back into Plymouth, I did their second invoice consisting of 11 toiletry bags, 29 lavender bags and 8 purses which had also extended my differentiated sewing skills in between different products. This had then gave me further confidence to sew different things for seam allowances.

In December 2018, I bumped into Rachel who is incharge of Grace and Favour Home who was at their own stand and had a good catch up. I am now pleased to share that Grace and Favour Home had sold their products through their online shop and craft fairs. My sewing skills had paid of all of the hard work done and I am loving my little part time job so much, learning all things new!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me as a textiles designer and (in my case as well) a sewing machinist).

Love Farrah x

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