I decided to take myself to many external creative workshops because I wanted to extend my knowledge further and evolve my skills set linking to my practices. It had helped me to develop my practical skills for my own professional development.

Lampshade workshop – it was led by Emma Purdie who also creates lampshades using her screen printing skills. I also needed to revisit how I work with the components provided in a lampshade kit in order to realise and structure a lampshade product for a customer/client. I was always passionate to be creating lampshades since I last produced them in the last workshop I attended and during my time in art foundation.

Back to print – the workshop was led by the common sense staff, Emma and Louise in ocean studios in royal William yard. I was inducted to the printing equipment such as screens and the washing basin. This had taught me to be confident in using a creative studio externally when I graduate from university. I also learnt how to book access to the common sense print room with a time and day with health and safety risk assessments.
Experimental materials – it was led by Jane Bowler and Heather Orr who are fashion and knitwear designers who creates bespoke and innovative garments. I learnt how fuse different materials together  such as pvc and leather faux fabrics and liquid latex and added foil on top as printed foregrounds. I also trapped yarns in pvc fabric and plated with shape, line and composition. It gave me a further understanding upon creating innovative textile samples and fusing materials together in a risk taking manner and go right outside of my comfort zone.

Here my samples were photographed by Jane bowler who also has a workshop instagram account as well as her designer account so she can share what I had experimentally produced. I had felt so honorable and welcome, since I had came to her studio for the first time located in Stratford, London. Therefore, I would thoroughly and really recommend attending her experimental textiles workshop whether that will be materials, macrame or crocheting because it would really open up doors bringing your creative outputs to life and pushing new innovations.

I would encourage creative minded people to go to a creative workshop learning new skills and just be you and be practical about your own creative specialism and inter-discipline with other creative fields.
Love Farrah x

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